Some people believe that people behave differently when they wear different clothes, while others do not believe that clothes influence the way people behave. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

There are arguments regarding whether people act differently when putting on various
I personally believe that
undoubtedly affect one's behaviour. In
essay, I will highlight my perspectives and extend the reasons behind
argument. On one hand, wearing occupational attire shows professionalism in a specific field.
For example
, a pilot, or even the aircraft crew are required to wear uniforms, as uniforms show cleanliness, consistency and proficiency. The formal attires bring out their expertise and boost them to perform their jobs brilliantly.
In addition
, the police force puts on patrol vests and jackets, making them visible for daily duties
on the streets.
action not only facilitates them to be more motivated and focused on their work but
acts as a symbol of the power of authority and laws.
On the other hand
, putting on different
on different occasions shows a level of respect.
For instance
, an individual may go for daily necessities runs in casual wearing,
he or she would absolutely not have identical
attending a formal occasion. Namely, if I'm attending a formal meeting with my managers, I would wear formal attire
as shirts and trousers. As regards the choice of attire, it shows basic respect and my attitude toward the conference and the attendees.
, the formal
allow me to express my opinions confidently and
smoothen the meeting. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the choice of
significantly influences one's behaviour in many aspects,
as the aircrew, policemen and the representation of my own experience.
, the examples above serve as the most compelling evidence.
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