Some people think that advertisements are good for the society whereas others oppose this view. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

digital era, a person could get outrageous numbers of different
in a day just by surfing through their mobile phone. Some proponents agree that commercials are good for
some opponents counter
view. From my point of view, I strongly opine the advantages of advertising since its marketing impact has been prominent in our lives. To start with, some individuals lean towards thinking that advertising is bad for people as the main reason for their opinion is that it compromises the idea of free will. People are bombarded with outrageous amounts of advertisements that
crave impulsive buying and consumptive behaviour.
, some irresponsible companies utilize
to manipulate users.
For example
, illegal online betting and investment providers in my country are boosting their
to draw uneducated people's fortune to their platforms.
On the other hand
, others believe that advertisement is of great help and value to
. The main reason is that it has been greatly assisting consumers to find the right product they are looking for. On top of it, mindful commercials can influence
to improve their quality of life.
For instance
, in my experience working as a marketing manager in a wealth tech start-up, I make avenues to communicate the importance of money management through commercials.
To conclude
, both views of
debate have their merits. On balance,
, I think that the tremendous helpfulness of advertisements by far outnumbers some possible negative effects.
, I am firmly convinced that
are good for
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