Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more pros to living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment? give reasons for your answers and give relevant examples

like to live in a house,
on the other hand
, there are
who prefer to live in an
. Living in an
has its own pluses like security and access to amenities.
, owning an independent building
offers benefits like the spacious, natural circulation of fresh air. Both of these are to be discussed below. An
is a place which has all the basic amenities like a swimming pool, a shopping complex and even a hospital.
, it provides all the luxuries one could ask for.
, an
is usually enclosed within the boundaries of a tight and vigilant security system.
, allowing the restricted entry of unwanted visitors. Even if somebody comes to meet a particular family, he has to go through a highly efficient scan system.
, preferably a safer community to lead a stress-free life.
For example
,The Palms near Ludhiana are the best example as
are rushing to buy a place
due to
its boasting of a rich lifestyle.
, a residence is usually built on the owner's preferred design and
is made in a huge area. The greater the area, the more facilities like bigger rooms, larger kitchens and well-maintained and flourished bathrooms are prevalent. For the above-mentioned regions, it extremely falls in the range of bigger families.
, strengthening the family ties as the bond is developed.
, a personal garden can be maintained which adds aesthetics to the building enhances the beauty of the zone and provides health benefits. To illustrate , Villages in India are loaded with large villas because
want to live a healthy life . In a nutshell, in countries like India which has a large population, the dwelling venue is chosen as per the requirements like the number of family members, cost, and closeness to the workplace. Most urban populations live in apartments
rural ones reside in individual homes.
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