In some societies, the number of crime committed by teenager is growing. Some people think that regardless of age, teenagers who commit major crime should receive adult punishment. To what extend do you agree?

Opinions are divided on whether teenagers who commit major
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should receive the same degree of punishment as
there is an increasing trend of younger crime rates, I believe that teenage criminals should not be punished the same as
. One field in which with proper education those teenagers may make changes and perform better in their
For example
, the young generation has a limited number of real-life experiences and knowledge of laws, if there is a chance available for them to focus on acquiring knowledge about behaviours, emotions, and self-control after they break the law, they may realise that as a member of society, everyone should act in a kindly and responsible way.
, they may accept these positive suggestions, opinions, ideas, and regular themselves. In
way, they become a better individual in the
, if they are treated the same way as
, and sent to jail, they may learn from bad examples in jail and behave even worse in the
For instance
, staying with adult criminals, younger may learn bad stuff and jail provides opportunities for them to know the negative side of the world, and they would experience an even worse community.
As a result
, they may bring more serious troubles to the public in the
. So, it is not suggested to punish them the same as
. In conclusion, education can make better changes and avoid getting in touch with the negative person mentioned above shows that teenage criminals should not receive adult punishment, they should be treated differently and separately from
. So, I disagree with
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