In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining. Why do you think this is happening? How can this issue be solved?

These days, in several nations, the rate of some animal and plant species is reducing. In my opinion,
is mainly because of deforestation and poaching.
, there are some solutions that can be implemented to deal with the decline of some
and plants.
, the main reason why
issue has occurred is that people cut down trees illegally.
In other words
, owing to deforestation, many animal and plant species have lost their habitat, and
as a result
, they cannot survive.
For example
, in Indonesia, the size of some rainforest keep on decreasing every year because of logging activity for construction and feeding land for cattle, and on account of
, a number of plants and
are on the verge of extinction.
, some people kill
illegally to gain more money. In some nations, poaching is widespread. Hunters kill some
as rhinoceros and elephants, for their tusks because of their high demand.
, these
are considered as endangered species.
, there are two effective solutions to tackle
predicament. One strategy to deal with
complex issue is that the government should enact strict legislation on logging companies and farmers in order to make sure that they do not simply cut down trees.
For instance
, in Malaysia, the rate of deforestation has reduced significantly after the Malaysian government introduced heavy fines for illegal loggers. Another effective method is to organize awareness programs so as to educate the citizens on the importance of conserving wildlife. By doing
, they will not buy any products made from animal parts;
, their demand will reduce, and poachers will not be interested in hunting them.
To sum up
, enacting strict rules and organizing awareness programs are effective in dealing with
predicament. I believe If the government implemented these solutions, the number of
and plants would rise.
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