Scientists believe that by studying behavior of 3 years old children, we can predict if that child can become criminal in the future. To what extent is crime a product of human nature? Is it possible to stop children from growing to be a criminal?

There are two main reasons that could a child to grow up to be crime: human nature and effected by the surrounding environment.
essay will discuss the root of crime and ways to prevent offspring from becoming criminals. On the one hand, not all children can have a good sense of manners since they know nothing about the world and cannot distinguish what is wrong or what is right. It is obvious that from a very young age, some
could be exposed to the behaviour of bullies,
for example
, they might hit their classmates to take the wanted things as candies or seats, or they hurt insects and animals. In fact, if
these little one
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this little one
these little ones
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cannot be educated in the right way, they might turn to extremely cold-blood crime in the future.
, to stop them from rising as real evils, we only need to give them the necessary education so that they can understand and change their actions. To make it clear, for offspring who have bully actions, we can teach them that there are other ways to get what they want in peace or for those who cheat the animals the wrong way, we can illustrate the value or the importance of the animals for them.
On the other hand
, most criminals are created by their living environment. It is undeniable that young boys and girls who are living under bad conditions
as fathers or mothers who are addicted to gambling or drugs and violent adults, have a tendency to grow up as villains. To be specific, scientists have suggested that
tend to mimic the adults living around them or mostly, their parents to survive and grow up.
, if the children's parents violate them every day, the proportion of becoming villains will increase higher than
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the offspring
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receiving affection from their families. Though these circumstances are a little bit more difficult to deal with, it does not mean that we cannot stop them from growing to be villains. In
case, the government and some special institutions must be responsible for the safety of the children. To illustrate it in a clear way, if a child is being hurt by
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the adults who adopt them, they could contact the special organizations for help in dividing them and their parents or giving suitable punishment
as putting them in jail or losing authority to raise the
for a definite time. In conclusion,
have a bad nature and those who live under terrible conditions might tend to be criminals in the prospect;
, we could prevent them by giving them enough education and protecting them from detrimental living conditions.
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