Some people think books are losing their importance as a source of information. To what extent do you agree?

Over the past few decades, technological improvements have been developing at the speed of light, including reading online. Some accounts that excessive practice of digital resources has negative impacts on book reading like the Kinderly app.
, I strongly disagree
due to
possible reasons
as increasing the sale of books and improving critical thinking skills
reading which I will describe in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, the foremost reason for disagreeing with the notion is that millions of people prefer to read books because of more concentration
as well as
to improve critical thinking
as underlining the important topics. A survey conducted by an American University,
for example
, found that 80% of the population would like to read from textbooks rather than from websites.
, the growing sales can be another reason for not agreeing which means that millions of textbooks are being imported and exported on a regular basis which ultimately became the reason for the valuable origin of knowledge. Apart from that, the adoption of these primary resources is beneficial not only for developed countries but
for developing countries owing to less technology.
In addition
, the use of the internet is less in some nations compared to other nations namely India, and Pakistan.
, the students are gathering knowledge by using old techniques.
could be helpful for elderly people as they are not aware of new technologies namely PDF essays. In conclusion, there is no doubt that smart resources have their own benefits like providing a source of information with one touch.
, I believe the use of the old method of reading is still valuable because of large pros namely helps to improve concentration
as well as
critical thinking, beneficial for individuals who have no internet access and older generations.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Valuable
  • Source of information
  • Losing importance
  • Rise of technology
  • Accessible
  • Different reading experience
  • Digital sources
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Primary source of information
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