Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect for others. What might have caused this situation? What solutions can you suggest?

It has become an increasing trend for some nations to act in an anti-social way without respecting other crowds, largely influenced by the financial pressure caused by the current economic recession and misleading information in movies and online videos. In my opinion, addressing
issue necessitates finding the underlying causes of the behaviour.
To begin
with, the increase of folks breaking the law and attacking innocent communities in society stems from the economic crisis, resulting in a large amount of unemployment for normal families.
In other words
, the misbehaviour can be regarded as a way of showing anger for a society suffering from financial pressure that may
have no way to raise attention.
In addition
, the saturation of violence in both movies and online videos may amplify the criminal tendencies of some potential offenders.
For example
, the Internet has been treated as a channel to spread violence to adolescents around the world by some political activists. Addressing
harmful behaviour requires active engagement from the government in recognizing the underlying causes and taking specific measures.
That is
to say, the government should prioritize the development of the economy and increasing occupations.
For example
, to provide more education opportunities, specific training for some professions, and control the living costs.
, a righteous social narrative ought to be raised emphasising respecting and loving our communities, combined with strict censorship of violent content online. It is the awareness that we are supported and loved by our neighbourhood, community, and society that enables a harmonious atmosphere. In conclusion, it will never be someone's first choice to attack others and commit crimes unless there are deep reasons behind it. Great effort is needed from the government to solve the problems leading to unstable behaviour and cultivate a supportive and encouraging association.
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