You are planning a holiday and want to find out about the kinds of holiday packages that can be arranged by a local company. Write a letter to the company to ask for information about the holiday packages they offer. In your letter: •say where and when you would like to go •include details about the kind of holiday you would like to take •say what kind of information you would like to receive

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Gurpinder and I am writing
letter to inquire about some details regarding tour planning to Niagara Falls
To begin
with, I would like to arrange a trip to Niagara Falls at the
December to celebrate the occasion of the Christmas party that will be held downtown. I am wondering if your company have a few plans not for only relaxing but
for fun activities for a couple of days
as a relaxing stay, adventures, dance and club activities.
, I am looking for two king-size bedrooms with a balcony to stay in as we have a group of 5 people.
In addition
, it would be great if you could share some budget-friendly options.
To conclude
, I would like to have knowledge about your prices
as well as
services. Could you please send me your pamphlets to read on tourism?
, it would be really helpful if you could share your policies over health insurance and travel insurance for valuable items. Thanking you and hoping for your kind cooperation. Yours faithfully, Gurpinder
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task achievement
Make sure that your letter addresses all parts of the prompt in a clear and detailed manner. While you mentioned your personal requests for the trip, consider expanding on how the package might cater to each of your points.
coherence cohesion
Use a range of cohesive devices and paragraphing to structure your letter logically. Ensure that each paragraph has a clear central idea and that there are seamless transitions between each section of your letter.
coherence cohesion
The beginning and closing of your letter are appropriate for the semi-formal tone. Always ensure that your salutation and sign-off are consistent with the level of formality required by the task.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • holiday packages
  • itinerary
  • destination
  • accommodation
  • all-inclusive
  • guided tours
  • cultural immersion
  • leisure activities
  • budget-friendly
  • customisable options
  • early-bird specials
  • peak/off-peak season
  • travel insurance
  • cancellation policy
  • customer testimonials
  • exotic locales
  • escape
  • adventure
  • relaxation
  • brochures
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