New parents should attend parenting courses to bring up their children well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

day and age, more and more people are taking a consideration to attend a course in parenting before they are married. I believe that focusing on
's well-being will make they are healthy mentally and physically. On top of that, I slightly agree that new
should formally attend parenting courses, and I prefer that new couples learn parenting informally as long as they have measurable knowledge about
's development. New
should have a solid foundation for future family visions, including how the
are raised and developed.
is because
have an enormous impact on the childhood stage of one's life and have a huge effect on the
's entire life.
For instance
, a high-quality parental and kids relationship leads
to have better performance at school and stronger mental health in the future.
, implementing good parenting styles and emphasizing deeply-rooted cultural values can help
face upcoming struggles and obstacles when their
reach teenage and adolescent ages and
lead to fewer behavioural problems.
, positive parenting will significantly enhance the
's possibility to become more successful in terms of educational achievement, professional accomplishment, and social ability.
In addition
to attending parenting courses, newly married couples can optimally use the online platform to gain comprehensive advice and suggestions from older
For example
, new
can be actively involved in a virtual group forum or independently watch expert talks on parenting on social media. New
can ask others about the journey of raising a child or how to prevent a child from becoming temperamental because they had experiences that long way before the new
. By learning from experienced
, new couples will simply implement and easily absorb others' knowledge about parenting.
To sum up
, learning about parenting is crucial for family journeys because it can fully impact someone's life.
attending formal parenting courses, other sources of knowledge can significantly improve parenting skills,
as group discussions or online video platforms.
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