Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to learn about other countries, but others think that it is not necessary to travel abroad because all information can be seen on TV and the Internet. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Learning about other nations should be more contextual by paying a direct visit to a site.
While critics
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argue that it is not an imperative manner, as all
is broadly available on electronic media. Considering the quality of
from firsthand visits, I believe that
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across borders is valuable. Experiencing firsthand travel provides a plethora of sensations related to
acquisition. In simple terms,
type of journey offers tremendous and extraordinary value, enhancing tourists' understanding of multicultural sites deeply and comprehensively. Aldi Journal Research,
for instance
, reports that up to two-thirds of holidaymakers in Indonesia develop a solid historical understanding of Borobudur, one of the oldest Buddhist temples, through direct
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field trips
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, engaging in on-the-spot communication with local residents gives them an opportunity to cultivate a tolerant mindset and a greater appreciation for diversity. Thanks to technology, we can now embark on virtual journeys with just a click on our screens, accessing popular places through computer-based travel. Innovations
as augmented reality and virtual tours enable us to observe destinations as if we were physically present.
, some critics argue that there's no need to physically visit a place abroad to gather
. They contend that individuals seeking insights into other cultures can simply surf the internet, exploring cultural heritage-related
through YouTube videos or by reading websites without unnecessarily spending their money. In conclusion,
cutting-edge technology has advanced to the point where we can experience field trips without physically going abroad, there remains an intangible sense that cannot be fully fulfilled.
, spending a substantial budget on travel is still deemed acceptable and worthwhile
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • immersive
  • interactions
  • virtual means
  • cultural nuances
  • language acquisition
  • problem-solving
  • adaptability
  • sustainability
  • virtual tours
  • documentaries
  • sophisticated
  • realistic representations
  • comprehensive understanding
  • financial status
  • carbon footprint
  • digital resources
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