Many criminals commit further crimes as soon as they are released from prison. What do you think are the causes(reasons) of this? What effects will this have on society

Nowadays, more and more offenders decide to commit crimes as soon as they are discharged from prison. Possible reasons as to why
might be happening include the lack of education
they are imprisoned, and the limited opportunity for employment once they are released.
, the effects of constant re-offending not only impact families but can be detrimental to society
essay explores the aspects of their underlying cause, effects, and potential solutions.
, there are numerous challenges for people when they are released from prison and need to re-enter society. A lack of education for prisoners is why they offend to prevent future recommitting of crimes. An example
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could be obtaining a qualification in a trade, e.g. carpentry, or construction.
In addition
, financial problems, and unemployment are
For instance
, they do not have the opportunity to work as normal people
due to
having a criminal record.
, when offenders continue a life of crime, despite having served time, the result is an increased economic burden for the public and family,
as well as
significant disruption to society.
In particular
, the cost of maintaining a high prison population leads to financial problems for the government and emotional stress for the family.
, it
creates unsafe neighbourhoods and increases the likelihood of generational criminal involvement.
For example
,if a child witnesses their parent in and out of incarceration, they may follow a similar path.
To sum up
, lawbreakers are complex and have a multitude of issues that demand careful consideration
as education, unemployment, and mistreatment from the public. Dealing with
would prevent financial burden and societal disruption. In my point of view, the government can prevent misconduct by educating them properly and giving them the opportunity to be able to work.
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