Government should spend more money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

It is argued that the government should invest in railways more than in highways.
many people see that the roads are more essential, I believe that the railroads play a significant role in reducing the pollution in our environment
as well as
reducing traffic jams. On the one hand, environmental issues are one of the main problems in
era. The amount of carbon dioxide
that is
released into our atmosphere is alarming
due to
vehicle traffic.
For example
, By using trains many people will give up their cars,
As a result
of that, the amount of CO2 emitted will decrease.
, The government must intervene to increase their investment in the railway system in order to contribute to reducing pollution in the environment.
On the other hand
, Rail transport is safer than other transportation types. It is undeniable that the roads have the highest number of car accidents, causing the loss of many people’s lives.
For instance
Due to
the lack of railroads in Saudi Arabia, many citizens use their cars,
reason, the highest death rate in KSA, Is
due to
car accidents.
, It is rare that a collision occurs between the trains.
, There is no doubt that public transportation has some disadvantages,
as standing for a long time for the train
as well as
slowness in moving and arriving. But, It is safe and reduces traffic congestion. In conclusion, There are many positive aspects to investment in railways, On the societal and environmental levels.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • sustainability
  • environmental footprint
  • efficiency
  • pollution
  • cost-effectiveness
  • economic development
  • accessibility
  • public transportation
  • congestion
  • air pollution
  • initial investment
  • maintenance
  • upgrades
  • rural
  • urban
  • last-mile connectivity
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