A friend is expecting you to stay with him in two weeks’ time, but unfortunately you forgot that you have a business trip at the same time. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, -Apologise and say that you cannot come to visit. -Explain why you will not be able to visit. -Suggest another time that you could visit.

Dear Arun, I am writing to thank you for your invitation. I know you're feeling glad as I am visiting you for the first time but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it
due to
my business trip to London. Let me explain my situation in more detail. My business meeting was supposed to take place next week but because of some reasons, it is postponed and going to happen on the same day I decided to meet you. I am more disappointed than you to deny the fact that my colleagues already have booked their tickets for
trip. I apologize for not putting me up at your place. Could you let me know of another time you will be free? It has been a long time since I have met you. I am so excited to see you. I will wait for your reply. Best regards, Karan
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task achievement
While you managed to cover all points in the task, there was a lapse where you failed to clearly state you are not able to visit, which may confuse the reader. Clearer communication of the main point is required for a higher score.
coherence cohesion
The overall structure is evident, but there's a mix of ideas in paragraphs that should be separated for clarity. Ensure a single idea is introduced and developed within each paragraph.
coherence cohesion
Your greeting and closing conventions are acceptable, but could be improved by adding a buffer statement before jumping into the explanation to make your letter sound more natural and polite.
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