In some countries, online shopping is replacing shopping in stores. Do you think it is a positive or negative development? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

modern world, the quantity of shopping via the internet has undertaken offline shopping rates. Many people think that there are many factors which may contribute customers to buying various things from online stores
as cheapness and comfort to name just a few,
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argue that it can affect that country's economic system
as well as
in terms of clients, they can be easily robbed or their ordered goods might be unfit with the presented image. To commence with, one inspiration reason can be considered the product's low cost.To be more clear, online shops are almost all from poor countries and their non-expensive price attracts customers to buy their goods.
, citizens prefer buying several times cheaper goods to paying more for their current country's
For instance
, recently my mother ordered hungers from
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the Wildberries
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site and saved approximately 4000AMD.
by mobile phone or by other gadgets is convenient and faster with individuals who have a loaded work schedule or toil job. Saying thoroughly, their purchases take a couple of seconds, with a few clicks rather than several hours.
,they are not supposed to get out of the workplace in order to do shopping.
, not only do they save valuable time but
On the other hand
, the drawbacks of that kind of shopping are
, society can find it complicated to order plenty of types of clothes
as pants, shoes, socks and so on. Sometimes there might be size differences in diverse countries which might lead to wrong measurements.To cite an example, my sibling bought grey Nike shoes size 40 via the internet, unluckily it was bigger.
,the online shopping sphere might be insecure and unsafe. Buyers especially elders who do not possess complete internet knowledge, might be stolen by hackers.
In other words
, it is easy for computer experts to break an individual's personal data.So, their spent money might be useless. In a nutshell, it is apt
to conclude
it can have a positive influence on customers,it allows them to buy cheap
within a couple of seconds.
,with regard to clothes,they can be inappropriate.
, it can be unsafe for shopping. So, people can yield good results from online shopping if they are very selective with the sites and buy
using reliable and official sources.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • unparalleled convenience
  • remote areas
  • wide range of products
  • broad selection
  • price comparison
  • customer satisfaction
  • value for money
  • impact on local businesses
  • economic diversity
  • job losses
  • environmental implications
  • packaging waste
  • carbon emissions
  • carbon footprint
  • data privacy
  • cybersecurity
  • personal data
  • tactile shopping experience
  • immediate gratification
  • physically examined
  • robust measures
  • consumer information
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