In some countries, only few young people go to classical music concerts or or play classical music. Why? Should young people be encouraged to attend and learn more?

Issues related to genres of
are frequently discussed these days. It is true that classical
is played and gets attention from only a few adolescents in some countries. In
essay, I will respond to these two questions and will provide
examples and explanations to support my viewpoint. As for the first question, there are several reasons why classical
is not mainstream among young people. The first reason to consider is that chamber
mostly does not have a vocal part with long periods of duration, and the beat per minute is noticeably monotonous.
means that contemporary tones are more interesting and more related to present-day adolescents's lifestyles,
classical notes perfectly match the theatre and stage play.
For instance
, Mozart and Beethoven, the most iconic artists of the classical era, their accomplishments often used in melodrama more than daily advertisements. With regards to the second question,
the boring of operatic
, there are several reasons why should attend the semiclassical chords class. The main reason for
view is that old-fashioned melodies are the foundation of every recent
style. To explain, if we want to create or predict something new, we should start by learning from their history. To exemplify, revolutionary sounds are developed from the symphonic notes by decreasing a few complexities, setting the length of the song to be around 4 to 5 minutes, and adding the vocal and lyric parts to connect with the group's perception. All things considered, I am of the opinion that we should support young people to learn and listen to classical melodies.
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coherence cohesion
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