Write a letter to a friend. You have borrowed something from your friend and it got damaged. Apologize for damaging the product Explain what happened Say how are you going to fix the issue

Dear Sir / Madam I hope
letter finds you well. I wanted to reach out to you to apologize for the unfortunate incident with the item I borrowed from you. I am truly sorry for damaging it, and I will take responsibility for my actions. Let me explain what happened. I was using the item as intended, but
due to
an accident, it got damaged. I understand how much it means to you, and I feel terrible for it. To rectify the situation, I have been researching repair options and have found
Correct article usage
a reliable
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technician who specializes in fixing similar items. I understand that it may not be the same as before, but I am committed to doing everything I can to make it right. Once again, I am deeply sorry for the damage caused. I value our friendship and the trust you have placed in me. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do it amends. I am here to listen and understand your feelings regarding
matter. Thank you for your understanding and forgiveness. Wishing you all the best. Yours faithfully, Jasmine.
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greeting and closing
Ensure the salutation is appropriate for a letter to a friend; 'Dear Sir / Madam' is overly formal. Use a more informal tone such as 'Dear [Friend's Name],'
greeting and closing
Include a more personal touch to the greeting and closing, since it is a letter to a friend. Show familiarity and warmth in your language.
logical structure
Keep the structure logical by starting with the apology, then describing the incident, and finally offering a solution. Each element should ideally be in a separate paragraph.
single idea per paragraph
Make sure you maintain a single idea per paragraph to improve readability. Combine related sentences to form a cohesive paragraph.
complete response
The response should be complete by directly acknowledging the item that was damaged and the feelings of the friend. Addressing these directly will improve task achievement.
suitable writing tone
Use an informal tone that is commonly found in personal letters. Keep the language friendly and approachable, which is more suitable for writing to a friend.

The Greeting

Depending on the style and aim of the letter, you will need to adapt your greeting.

Always start an informal letter in the ways:

  • Dear + name
  • Hi / Hello + name

‘Dear...’ is more appropriate, so stick with this.

For a formal letter there are two options for the greeting:

  • Use Dear Sir or Madam if you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to.
  • Use Dear + surname if you do know their name, e.g. Dear Mr Smith or Dear Mrs Jones.

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