Many people believe that social networking sites (such as Facebook) have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in social media connections for sending and receiving information. I do not agree with the people's thoughts because everyone uses digital platforms for their studies, businesses and meeting their family and friends.
stance will be proven by carefully analysing, why it does not have negative effects on society.
, now a day everybody is busy with their work and other commitments and they do not have time to physically meet their families. With the help of social platforms
as Facebook and Twitter, where humans can connect and share their emotions.
For instance
, studies conducted by the Australian Online Cyber Hub found that more than 60% of Individuals are happy when they communicate with their relatives because they save time and money with cheap internet charges.
, students are using social connections to receive messages and assignments from their colleges and online studies.
, with the instant spread of the videos, the community is connected to their smart devices. In case of emergencies or any important messages, the association send messages through these platforms and conveys them in video format.
For instance
, in the case of COVID-19 spread in the year 2021, societies were sent short videos for medications and hospitals, on how to take precautions from
disease. Those days these media houses saved life of millions of people. Businesses and communities can do face-to-face meetings and express their emotions and speeches. In conclusion, following the analysis of the impact of social networking websites,
it is clear that
there are the majority of positive effects on people and communities, where they can share information for schools and societies. Prediction,
trend will continue in future
to communicate with families , friends and business persons.
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