Some people say that modern technology has made shopping today easier, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion

some people argue that technology makes buying things easier nowadays, other people think the opposite. Both points of view have strong and weak arguments.
, I believe that there are more advantages to using modern technology to do shopping than drawbacks. Today it is possible to buy anything, at any time, from anywhere, using only a cell phone and an Internet connection. Almost every physical shop has an e-commerce address.
, several businesses just work online, without physical venues,
as Amazon, Uber, and
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, just to name some examples in Brazil.
kind of commerce provides easiness to customers shopping, avoiding traffic, crewed shops and risk to be stolen in dangerous countries, like Brazil.
, the convenience and comfort of buying from home help companies to sell more and more. It could be argued that it is not much easier to buy online, mainly for elderly people or those who have difficulties choosing. It can be a little bit hard because some sites require a username and a password with complicated steps to validate data by messages to a cell phone or a valid e-mail.
, some passwords need a large number of characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters, a real challenge to remember later. Not only the difficult to manage the technology, but
it the difficult to choose the best option to purchase facing the huge amount of available products, sellers, and prices. In conclusion, there are pros and cons to using electronic devices to buy goods,
, I think that it can make modern life easier and safer, in some places.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • online marketplaces
  • mobile payment options
  • personalized advertising
  • accessibility
  • compare prices
  • decision fatigue
  • impulse buying
  • financial imprudence
  • privacy and data security
  • transformed
  • streamlined
  • user-friendly
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