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Living in the competitive world, better education always comes with higher living standard. How to improve the education in children, especially the one who does not like studying, is a problem for education industry in every country.
Although knowledge comes from various streams , education has proven to be the path to knowledge. Losing the interest in education can be due to various reasons and understanding the reasons could pave way for better education for children.
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Education is the first form of organised learning a child is put into. Secondly, the kids are put into schools for a longer period of time. As a result of longer duration, students lose the interest towards subjects if not conveyed in the right and fun-filled manner.
There is no doubt that education is essential for a child's development. In this essay, I am going to discuss the possible solutions to encourage dispassionate children to study.
Education plays an essential role in human's life. In the modern era, Many students are not interested in their study. In this easy, I intent to discuses the some possible solution to encourage children toward their studies.
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