Education is very important. How can children who are disinterested in study be motivated to learn?

Living in the competitive world, better education always comes with higher living standard. How to improve the education in children, especially the one who does not like studying, is a problem for education industry in every country. When the child is too young to understand the importance of studying, it is really hard to have the motivation. At the early stage, in junior primary school for example, a little discipline is necessary. Though studing like reading and counting maybe not as interesting as watching cartoons, spending some time on these boring subjects should be compulsory. These measures will give them the ability to enjoy learning activities in coming future, when they will be more confident to explore the unknown area. However, to increase the confidence in studying, the most important is encouragement, especially in senior primary school and secondary school, when the children need to expand their knowledge dramatically. Most of the student are disinterested in learning because of lack of confident. If an encourage enviroment is provided, they will have fun in studying and enjoy the feeling of achievement, hence will be motivated to learn more. In consequence, a better education level can be expected. Moreover, academy does not necessary have to be boring, it can be fun. For young children, knowledge can be tought in cartoons. The Blue Cat series is a successful sample in China, which is a educational program enjoyed by many children in China. In order to get better result in children, knowledge can be delivered via children’s favourite cartoon characters. For the teenager, the idols in the entertainment industry play a big role [this could have been combined with the following sentence with ‘and as such’[/expand]. They should be encouraged to send the correct messages to their fans. In conclusion, compulsory education is necessary at an early stage of studying, while encourage enviroment and teaching in more entertaining ways are extremely important.
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