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The topic of traffic congestion is a very important concern for society at the moment. The way that providing free public transportation contributes to reduce traffic congestion is one of alternatives.
With the increase in population, the incidences of traffic jam are also rising. Some people argue that the government should provide free public transport to reduce traffic congestion. In my opinion, this measure can solve the problem only to a certain extent.
The traffic jam is the main trouble in most of the developed countries. The multiplication in the population and technology lead to buy vehicles for individual's needs. I moderately agree that establishing free transportation measures would slow down the traffic jam, however, I believe that some other activities also provide the way to decline this issue.
In the contemporary era, there is a huge rush of traffic on the lane.The regime gives the facility of the free tariff transportation to the people.Some expert thinks that in this way we control the vehicles on the way.I have agreed with this statement, I will discuss my opinion in the subsequent paragraph.Firstly.I think many highway accidents are happening on the trail due to the overcrowding and many people are losing their life.For example, a lane accident happens in our area, a young person was badly injured and he has parallels in one leg due to this accident.He does not walk on their foot.He has two children and he is only a one person who support their family.Although, he is spending a poor life since has no money to spend on their children.On the other hand, in the hectic life people do many works.If the government gives the facility they are happily avail this service.We should also control the pollution in the atmosphere.It spoils the air and people feel difficult to take the breath.In addition, I would like to say.The people are very poor they cannot afford the rent of the car due to this service they feel comfortable and they do their work very smoothly.Therefore, sometime people cannot reach their work destination on time if the government gives this facilities they reached on point and some point the women go to another house they easily go.In conclusion, I think if government implement this law, we have low traffic on the lane.I agree that this rule and regulation are followed in our country since people are easily travel to the other city.They face no problem, due to the traffic
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