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It is generally seen that everyone changes their interest from time to time. Similarly, in these days young blood people fond of listening to foreign music and also watch foreign movies. However, they do not like gain knowledge about history and about freedom fighters. In my upcoming writing,I will delineate both aspects followed by my conclusion.
It is an undeniable fact that, people consider history a boring subject some people believe that youngsters have huge knowledge about international pop and movie stars. While, they do not know about the famous people from history of their Nation. This essay will discuss the reasons and solution of this issue.
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Modern era youngsters are passionate about singers and actors renowned worldwide rather than historical events or people. This essay will discuss why the influence of modern artists is more on new generation than our history.
Due to globalisation, numerous foreign pop musicians and celebrities are popular among the worldwide due to which youngsters mostly follow them .However, some argue that young masses do not show their interest to know about history as well as freedom fighters. I will delineate both aspects followed by reasonable conclusion.
Well, let me talk about a subject that I enjoyed most in studying at my school time. The subject was mathematics. Generally speaking mathematics was favourite to me because of its simplicity. Rest of the subjects were mostly based on memorizing namely social science, geography or physical education. In addition mathematics was logical too. All the formulas and theorems were build in logical sense. As a result it was easy to understand and keep in mind.
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