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Parents are increasingly encouraging their children to get a job during their free time. Althoug, children will lack some sufficient time to rest but they will eventually develop a significant value for money right from their early age. In my opinion, working during this time will be benefial to both of them.
Today parents are encouraging their childern to get a part time job during their free time. In this essay, advantages and disadvantages of this matter are discussed.
Most of the students nowadays are encouraged to have part-time work by their own parents. Some may say it will help the kid to learn what is like to earn money and how hard it is, others may disagree, maybe because it will cause the children to have no focus on their studies instead.
Earning extra In an early age becoming a popular trend. In Leisure period a lot of kids are motivated to do the extra small work by their guidance. This essay will discuss both cons and pros.
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