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The role of advertisements to promote some products is really important. While advertisers are confident that they not only promote products but also provide knowledge for people at the same time, some parents argue that advertisements can mislead their children. In this essay, I shall give my opinion on why I believe advertisements are not informative and parents’ concern is true.
Several parents believe that advertisements play the role of misleading young audiences, especially children, and are not disseminating any knowledge, as the advertisers like to claim. In my opinion, this belief held by certain parents is completely true and advertisers seek solely, to glorify their products and to create a desire for their products in the minds of children.
Advertisements have become a major concern over recent years. While a number of parents believe that children are being manipulated by commercials, advertisement experts suggest that commercials give information. This essay will discuss how advertisements can be misguiding for children and why they can be informative and I will give my opinion.
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