Some parents think that advertisements are misleading for children, while advertisers claim that they provide knowledge. Give your opinion.

Several parents believe that advertisements play the role of misleading young audiences, especially children, and are not disseminating any knowledge, as the advertisers like to claim. In my opinion, this belief held by certain parents is completely true and advertisers seek solely, to glorify their products and to create a desire for their products in the minds of children. Firstly, in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, a large number of advertisers are vying for the attention of their potential consumers. In such a scenario, advertisers seek to make their product stand out from the crowd by making their product appear as the best possible candidate among a multitude of offerings. To achieve this goal, the said products are glorified to an almost unrealistic degree, making them appear flawless, especially in the eyes of impressionable audiences like children. For example, fast food commercials, like the ones from Burger king, seek to depict their products as the most desirable and satisfying, while no attention is drawn to the high calorie counts and the harmful side effects from overconsumption of these items. Additionally, these advertisements also seek to attach an individual’s social standing with the ownership of a particular product. In young audiences, most of whom are already struggling with finding their footing in society, and struggle with the concepts of material possessions, these messages act in an exploitative manner. For example, toy companies, on an annual basis, aggressively market a particular toy leading up to the Christmas holidays as the one toy that children need to possess, in order to gain the acceptance of their peers. This leads to the cultivation of an irrational desire for ownership of the product among children. In conclusion, I would agree with parents about the misleading role that advertisements play, especially for children. The purpose for these advertisements is to increase sales and revenue for their sponsoring companies, and not to disseminate knowledge, as some may erroneously claim.
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