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With the exponential increase in population, the layout of urban as well as suburban areas has been changing day by day. Resultantly, whereas some individuals claim that constructing establishments horizontally is a good theme, others contend that raising high-rise buildings are the best notion in this contemporary world. I, too, wholeheartedly feel that designing buildings vertically with all modern facilities helps a country accommodate a large number of citizens systematically.
It is generally claimed that there are two ways of living as horizontal and verticle. Differentiation is in the capacity of the land. Both of them have equal advantages like more employment and less danger.
In this present-day world, there is a monumental metamorphosis in cities.Some people think that a vertical city is suitable for the cityside.On the contrary, others think that horizontal cities are best.In my perception, I think that vertical buildings are suitable for cities:moreover , overpopulation may lead to a land shortage in cityside. This essay highlights the merits and demerits of horizontal and vertical cities.
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