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Travelling abroad is becoming increasingly popular these days. Some people think that visitors should follow local traditions, while other people maintain that the host country should accept cultural differences. This essay will discuss why the host count
A few people argue that travellers to different nations must follow regional traditions and customs, while others argue that a nation must allow different cultures to flourish in their territory. It would be inhuman to force a person to follow a culture a
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Nowadays, number of people who travelling around the world is increasing dramatically. Because of that, some people believe that visitors to other country should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should we
It is considered by some that the tourists to other countries have to follow local customs and behaviours, while there are others who think that the host country needs to welcome cultural differences. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and express
Few societies argue that travellers from different nations should follow their traditions and culture. However, some other communities think it's totally inhuman to force them to follow our thoughts. In my viewpoint, Tourists should allow living their lif
A sect of thought considers travellers to another native land should imitate like native customs and performance; while other disagree, they believe host nation should greet ethnic. The controversial debate has duel outlook as well as its pros and cons. P
In recent years, the number of people travelling to different countries has increased manifold. According to one school of thought, tourists should respect the customs of the visiting country and behave accordingly while others are of the opinion that the
There is a popular saying that goes, "when in Rome, act like the Romans". I believe this is an appropriate statement that mirrors my opinion regarding how tourists behave in countries that they go on holidays in. Others think that any country which opens
More and more people are now traveling to other countries for higher studies, medical treatment, business and tourism. Some people feel that visitors should follow the culture and tradition of their host country when they are abroad. Others, however, feel
There are people who think that other nationalities must adhere to the local traditions and customs of other countries they visit. Respecting the ideas and behaviour of a host country is a must. However, I believe that local people should accept cultural
It is assumed by some that the traditions and habits of a host country should be considered and respected by tourists. However, there is another opinion that locals have to be more tolerant of other cultures. International cultural exchange has a number o
Our world has numerous countries following different traditions. This diversity has always been intriguing a lot of people. Consequently, people have started travelling more to discover these practices prevalent in various states. Since the differences be
In this present world, people are travelling across continents more than ever before. Even though this greatly contributes to cultural exchange, certain rules regarding respecting cultural differences should be followed. Moreover, it is an often argued to
It is surprising that people in this vast spread world follow a variety of cultures and the availability of transports have made it possible for people to travel around. However, one might get perplexed when they are in a foreign land, whether to follow t
A handful of people believe that foreigners should adopt the local tradition and rituals of the visiting agrarian, while other say the welcoming provincial ought to get permission to live foreigner according to their culture and native of host country enc
Folks suppose that tourists should ensure concern rules and conducts. However, the authority should confer them free access to express their festival diversity. From my perspective, foreigners have the right to stay at n one's country in a flexible way so
Diversity is the real beauty of the world, so in this free world everyone is free to follow any cultures,religions and languages.Only thing ,one should take care of is that, not hurt the sentiment of others, while following their customs and culltures.
In an era of globalization, were international travelling play a prominent role. Few believe that tourists travelling to other nations must respect and follow the traditions and behaviour of native people of that country. On the other hand, in the opinion
It is argued that the population should follow local customs and behaviour while they visited a foreign country. On the other hand, others believe that tourists should be welcomed by the community of the host country. I will discuss both views in this ess
The behaviour of the tourists in other countries than theirs has become a disputable issue, whether they should act following the customs of the country they are visiting or they should be freed from these kinds of restrictions. In this essay I will discu
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