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Recent decades witnessed an upsurge of the number of online games becoming a popular source of entertainment indulgenced in children. This was met both approvals and objections in favor of allowing children to play computer games. As I see it, the demerits of allowing young people to play games overshadow its possible merits.
Today's generation, teenagers are more fond of computer games. A number of people think this has bad influence on every aspect of the child. A few think it has some positive impact on the child's growth. I would like to discuss both views regarding, how it helps in developing skills at the price of their health.
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Recently there has been much interest in gaining a better understanding of the effects of computer games in children's life. Some feel that playing games on technological platforms helps children to develop better for their future. However, I agree with those who are of the opinion that playing computer games will negatively impact on their daily life. In this essay, I will proffer the justification on both viewpoints as well as adduce all the arguments which might support my own belief.
A quarter of a century after independence, this Central Asian country, in which youngsters under the age of 24 comprise 52% of the population, continues to be seriously lacking in school and university infrastructure. These challenges raise many questions about Uzbekistan’s development. Since, in todays world people the most vital factors in getting well-paid job is education.
In today's world, computer games have become very popular in teenage and adults as well as they are more eye-catching than they used to be a few years ago. However, some people think that computer games are just a waste of time and is inimical to the children, whereas others believe that such games help children evolve. I shall put some light on both the views given here before getting towards the conclusion. I believe that playing games would be beneficial in some ways if played within a certain limit.
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