Some people think playing computer games is bad for children on everything. Others think it has some positive on the way children develop. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Recent decades witnessed an upsurge of the number of online games becoming a popular source of entertainment
an inability to resist the gratification of whims and desires
in children.
was met both approvals and objections in
promote over another
of allowing children to play computer games. As I see it, the demerits of allowing young people to play games overshadow its possible merits. Indeed, on no accounted can we overlook the potential downsides triggered by allowing children to be engrossed in
computer game
a computer game
computer games
the computer game
, playing online game without parent restriction
are inextricably influenced
is inextricably influenced
on academic performance and health from a negative side. In fact, children spending many hours restlessly
to play
games might diminish players’ creativity and imagination.
, the massive amount of time for study is restricted
of sitting in front of computers.
, the sedentary lifestyle of games would increase the likelihood of obesity.
, the current game contents are besieged with pornography, violence and
blood which
Accept comma addition
blood, which
corrupt one’s innocent mind and arouse one’s violent impulse. On the flip side, those who support the positive side of playing games argue that some kinds of games are able to lend young people a helping hand with improving their mind set.
For example
, playing games
as strategy and dance act as a lesson for players’ teamwork spirit.
, a few sources of games
immense of knowledge about different culture and places over the world through discovery games. In conclusion, allowing children to play online games can be a double-edged sword, which can be used for equally good and evil.
, it is overly risky to allow those who are in the informative years to overindulge in computer games.
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