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It is argued by some people that individuals should prioritize salary when choosing an employment to comfort their families financially. In my opinion, the stipend is an extremely significant factor when deciding where to work. However, convenience and employment place environment are important too.
Some people think choose a job which gives better income. I personally do not agree with the views. Earning money is important but if helps in our basic need that would be enough.
In our modern society, it is argued by many that people should prioritize income to ensure the financial security of their families and therefore, select their jobs accordingly. Personally, I believe that an individual should find a job based on their interest and passion for that field, as opposed to favouring higher salary. In this essay, I shall critically examine the given debate and outline relevant examples to support my view.
Achieving a balance between work and family is important to everyone. Thereby, it is argued by some individuals that people should prioritize high salary when choosing a job to support the family financially. In my opinion, I think that the wage is the most important factor when choosing an employment to secure wealthy stability for the family. However, convenience and the working environment are important too. In this essay, I will shed some light on the given notion and discuss what factors matters while getting a job.
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