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Today we can see advertising everywhere, from TV, newspaper to the Internet. According to Academic Encounters - Life in Society, in most daily newspaper, advertising makes up the majority of the content. Very large amounts of money are spent on advertising. A television commercial can easily cost many thousands of advertising industry.
It is true that advertising plays a crucial role in our lives. While some people think that advertising brings a lot of advantages to the general public. However, others think that it could also have some disadvantages. In my opinion, its cons could never overshadow its pros. Discussed below are several benefits as well as drawbacks of this isssue.
Modern world today, advertisements are ubiquitous and almost all business sector would advertising their products for the great success. However,this trend would stimulate sales and make them have the huge profits to their companies.At the same time failing in the family budgeting and creating the feel of deficiency among customer are the two main drow back of this.
Now a day, advertising is a very common feature of all our daily media. Despite some obvious advantages of this trend, I would to discuss both advantages and disadvantages of advertising.
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