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Technology is attaining greater heights with each passing day. Humans are making advancements in technology at a never seen rate. Though technology has helped in making environment sustainable in some aspects, it is widely seen that use of many technologies have also had a detrimental impact on the environement. It is possible that technology can counter environmental problems but it is important to use it that way.
As we can notice that the automation industry is playing a crucial role in our lives. With more advancement, the industrial science will replace many resources which are going to be extinct. Today, our world is going through severe calamities. At first, it can be envisage that these problems may be overcome by our advance technology, however, in my point of view I believe that depending only on technology is not going to be sustainable for a long period.
These days, that is a new vital system to solve a lot of global climate change. Most of the common problems that are challenges all countries that issue related to environmental so, there are many solutions to save our planet. In my ,opinion technology will play a good role in preserving our climate and reducing the changes in it.
The world as it is today relies heavily on technology. Some say that environmental issues will be not be solved by the use of modern technology. While some believe that technology might solve most the crucial environmental problems the world is facing today, I for one agree with this statement.
In today's world, technology improved a lotmore , from driving on horses to fly in the air. Now a days, people are effecting from the environmental problems like cyclones, wild fires and deforestration. These can be reduced using modern techniques by depicting them in advance. I strongly agree with the statement and I would express my view in the fallowing paragraph.
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