Some people say young people should be encouraged to leave their family when they become adults while some argue they should live for a longer time with their family. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Although it is thought that young adults ought to stay independently from their family,other people believe they need to live much longer with their relatives even when they are matured. In my opinion,adults need not be allowed to stay with their families so that they can learn important life skills. Apparently, many individuals think young persons need not stay with families, the moment they are mature adults, so that they can be more responsible and better decision makers and I agree. In order words,when a mature individual is made to live separately from the family,he tries to secure a paying job to survive,which he uses to cater for his bills such as feeding,shelter, clothing and also pay taxes to the government. In addition, they tend to decide on issues that affect critical aspects of their lives better,which otherwise would have been done by family members. Consequently, this would not only integrate them into the society properly but also be better citizens. Nevertheless, it is sometimes thought that boys and girls who have attained the stage of maturity need to continue staying with their relatives so as to guide them in decision making processes and provide basic life amenities. To begin with, grown ups are faced with a plethora of challenges in the society nowadays. In addition, these problems range from the ability to make concrete decisions to securing good paying jobs which can provide foods, shelter and a host of other fundamental needs. To illustrate, a survey by the adult group magazine, states that 60% of young adults find it difficult to secure decent jobs quickly and to make good decisions. Furthermore, proper guidance and providing them with basic needs when they stay with their families could make this set of people live better. To conclude, while many mature persons are seen staying with relatives, I am of the opinion to make them stay on their own so that they can face challenges in the society in turn making them better people.
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