a lot of people find it difficult to write letters and often avoid doing so altogether,letter writing is a dying art. Do you agree with this statement?

It is widely believed that vast numbers of people suffer from writing letters, and they consider it a tough process. Besides, people attempt to give up letters, and they seek other ways of communications. Consequently, letters are liable for extinction. Writing letters becomes less frequent than in the past. In addition, individuals abandon letters for many reasons. Firstly, in my opinion, writing letter is time- consuming, so people try to contact with other means because of the current busy lifestyle. Secondly, letters take a long time to be delivered, thus they are not practical, especially, with an emergency. Finally, the technology advancement and revolution drive people to take advantage of technology in communication, rather than writing letters. In my point of view, the main reason for substation letters with contemporary methods of communication is technology. Furthermore, I believe that if people keep giving up writing letters, they will be eradicated in the future. In conclusion, although writing letters is an inevitable way of communication, people seek to use other cutting- edge ways. As a result, in the coming decades, witting letters may be a memory from our past.
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