some believe that government should provide free health care.However some think that government may not able to provide health care and people should pat for it. what do you think?

Authorities find it challenging to subsidies the health care system, due to the increase of financial requirement, which in turn, drives some people to suggest that the patients should provide themselves, on the other hand, others insist that health care should be governmental responsibility. Health care is fundamental for any community, and it is considered the bed rock of the society security and future, hence the government should create strong medical infrastructure that is able to confront the citizens emergences and medical needs .Furthermore, the health care should include free medicine and vaccines.Besides high qualified staff to guarantee appropriate medical care and possessional service. In terms of providing medical sector, government needs unprecedented measures to tackle this problem.For example, reorganization of the country budget to be spent on health system rather than weapons and war preparations. Evenmore, it should encourage private investment in medial care. The other approach, which claims individuals to provide the health insurance on their own, represents the injustice for many reasons .Firstly, citizens pay taxes for their regimes, thus they expect convenient services especially when it comes to basics of life such as education and health. Secondly, this notion generates inequality of opportunity because people don't possess the same financial abilities to afford health care. Finally, this concept brings hazardous ramifications to the society and produces disastrous implications ,such as the absence of affiliation owing to that people will feel that their county is not care about them. In conclusion, health care system is crucial for any society seek to ameliorate its present and secure its future. In addition, if there is not efficient and free health, people will suffer from illness and endure compromised health. Consequently, the community will lose his best element which is the human competence.
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