Some people think that in order to prevent illness and disease, governments should make efforts in reducing environmental pollutions and housing problems. To what extent do you agree to disagree with this statement?

Some people argue that governments should take drastic changes in decreasing the amount of pollutants that is emitted into the environment and housing issues in order to combat sickness and diseases. In my opinion, I completely agree that governments should step into the role in tackling sickness and disease due to its large scale where individuals would not be able to make any significant differences. Firstly, dealing with the emission of pollutants in the environment by factories can be solved most effectively by the government bringing new laws and policies that restrict the types and amount of pollutants that is released in to the air. The emission of harmful gases and toxic waste into the air and waters is the source of numerous health issues, namely- increased risk of asthma and even cholera. In addition, not only does these environmental pollutions affect us directly through the air we breathe but also indirectly through the food we eat. That is to say, the toxic waste that is dumped in waters have a drastic effect on the aquatic life such as fishes, which we then use for consumption; thus, causing a chain of harmful effects. Secondly, dealing with housing issues is an important cause a government should take up to ensure everyone is living in a decent, healthy and clean household as well as a safe neighbourhood. If governments do not take the initiative to make sure the housing conditions its citizens are living in are humane, namely- to ensure people are not living near power plants, factories or even landfills, then people will be open to sickness and diseases that range from respiratory problems to certain types of cancer. In conclusion, if there is any body that holds authority and power to reverse the large scale effects of harmful environmental pollutions and housing issues that affects nationwide that would be governments.
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