Parents should not pressure their children to choose a particular profession. Young people should have the freedom to choose path they like.

Youth are the citizens who need to takecare of soceity for next generation. They have have right to decide in which profession they need to choose, while some people say that parents need to select particular course and tell them to study or else they may take wrong decisions. In my opinion in society eveyone have rights to do whatever they want but if childeren are spoiling their life its is responsibelty of their elders to tell them. Young people who are intrested in specific filed may have right to get into it. if they get succefuly in that their life will be beautiful like they want. For example their are many crickets who are particullar choosen that field and living happy life now. If guardians forced childeren to uninstrested path. Students cannot able to study properly in that and their particular stream . Which will effect child life. In contrast they will be some childeren who want to go on bad way and who are unsuccessful in their selective field also. For them wellwishers have the right to advise and pressure to take particular profession.some youth wonot listen to this advices and spoil their life. As a result all age people have their own freedom to choose about studys according to their intrest.If their cannot and spoiling their life parents have the right to tell him what is good and what is wrong So parents need to leave their child freely and from back need to examin whether they are going in right path are not.
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