Education used to be a short period of training, but today, people treat it like a lifelong practice. Do you agree or disagree?

It has been said that life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. Similarly, I strongly believe that everybody should constantly collect essential knowledge and skills not only in times at schools but also in every moment of the lifetime. It is obvious that the world is changing rapidly, which necessitates citizens altering to quickly adapt to any circumstances arising. Sometimes, what individuals have been provided in educational institutions might be inadequate or outdated, so taking extra training courses or updating knowledge on their own initiative is of great importance in enhancing their competencies. Besides, there may be a number of unexpected events occurring anytime in our lives and each can expose a different problem. This, inevitably, demands people to amass information to address the issues. Subsequently , it is necessary to continuously broaden the scope of understanding regardless of age. Furthermore, recent research has shown that the act of regularly studying helps foster the brain and therefore can reduce the risk of suffering from several brain diseases such as Alzheimer, losing memory temporarily. On the contrary, if one ceases accumulating up-to-date knowledge, he or she may be left far behind as someday his or her grasp will be obsolete. In summary, it is never too old to learn and learning is never superfluous. The more we study, the quicker for us to keep pace with the increasing massive development of the world today. Ultimately, everything humans have been achieving so far stems from the learning day by day from the primitive age.
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