Whether or not someone achieves their aims is mostly by a question of luck. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People often attribute successes to good luck, and even more often, failures to bad luck. In my opinion, it is superficial to have the idea that one’s achievements are decided mostly by chance. When considering the list of factors in one’s success, effort, talent and determination should not be placed under luck. Generally, as defined, luck is success or failure decided by chance instead of one’s action. It’s often said life is like a gamble, and so whether we win or not is a matter of luck. In fact, luck is only a human concept, in order to give a more meaningful reason to random, either good or bad happenings in life, such as having an accident or winning a lottery. Yet, in any cases, calling others’ achievement luck then is likely to disregard their personal effort. In term of true success, we should adopt a different perception of luck. From the simplest achievements like passing an exam to major ones reaching for your life goals, good fortunes usually accompany with hard work and preparation. The more you review your exam the higher chance you know the answer to a question. In other words, luck is something that we can make ourselves. According to one research, called The Science of Luck, the subject might involve psychology and behavior rather than probability. It indicates that people who are perceived as the luckier tend to have skills and talents in noticing and creating opportunities, sharp intuition, positive expectations and most important, the attitude toward failures. Hence, luck is in this mind-set, a manifestation of personal traits, talents and labor. In addition, whether one succeeds or not depends on luck, is also an outdated notion. In both the scopes of human history and one’s life, as knowledge and experience being built, humans have been depending less on chances and controlling more of the forces that might affect their lives, by predicting outcomes through past experiences and preparing interventions. We could say luck is like fruit, if we do not climb up the tree we never get one. Occasionally, it might fall upon our head by pure chance. Regardless, the chance of receiving such luck is extremely low and not be depended on to create major successes in life. Furthermore, gaining by pure luck like winning lottery to me does not worth considering as a success or achievement, but only good fortunes. While we should appreciate the external elements, we also need to maximize our chance of success by hard and smart work. I believe the goddess of fortunes would not smile upon us unless we had proved our effort and determination. To conclude, it isn’t a question of luck, but the question: Are you prepared for the opportunity?
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