With the increasing population, communication via the Internet and text messaging, face-to-face communication will become a thing of the past. Agree or disagree?

For years, the society has triggered far-reaching changes in many aspects of our daily lives ranging from business, healthcare, education to communication. The prevalence of the Internet-based and technological communication is said to make face-to-face one archaic. From my perspective, I vigorously take issue with this statement as following reasons. To begin with, virtual communication is of paramount importance in several relationships. For example, in love, oral conversation is indispensable although lovers can contact with each other by social media such as Facebook messenger, skype, line. They need body contact as a hug or a kiss, which is impossibly done in letters or emails and being apart for a long time is utterly not beneficial to a relationship. Moreover, it is common for heavy social network users to feel awkward when trying to strike up conversations with strangers or make small talk about social events. Thus, these people might eventually become socially alienated and suffer from a great sense of solitude. Furthermore, two crucial aspects, one protecting confidentiality, the other enhancing trust and credibility, make real-life contact the most preferable way of communication. Although it is undisputed that the unrestricted access to the Internet has greatly benefited the public for its convenience and comfort, data sent via the telecommunication tools including emails, instant messaging, social networks might be prone to be attacked by hackers. Internet insecurity is sustainably a downside of advanced communication while virtual contact is prioritized as its privacy. Especially, in business, people prefer real-life conversation because telecommunication is supposed to be inappropriate for negotiation. To sum up, despite the communicating development, virtual conversation sustainably plays a pivotal role in our life and cannot be thoroughly supplanted somehow.
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