Write a letter to the holiday company complaining about the holiday and asking for some sort of refund?

I have just returned from a holiday organized by your travel company. However, against all my expectations, I was fairly dissatisfied with these services. Therefore, I am writing to complain about the number of points. First of all, you said that I could be able to select anything from a wide range of thrilling activities every day, but I only was chosen two activities each day. Also, while picking out wind-suffering and sailing, I was not allowed to play them. Moreover, I had no opportunities to participate in the camping expedition because the weather was bad for almost three days. Second, the residential center, which you highly recommended for me to gradually relaxed, has numerous things such as a swimming pool, sauna, etc. Conversely, you put me in a youth hostel, where have no buses or cars so I was totally unpleasant this. Besides, the accommodation in the hostel was terrible without comfortable double rooms or the kitchen; hence, you could not show your talent to cook excellent meals for me. All of that, the cost of this holiday was too expensive for 13 days. I request that you refund the money in half of the total that I paid for you. I hope you will look into the matter and give me the best solution. If you could discuss this matter, you can contact me on 0123879456. I am looking forward to hearing from your company with a solution as much as possible.
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