It is necessary for parents to attend parenting training course to bring up their children. Do you agree or disagree?

There is little room for doubt that parents need to take part in practical parenting classes to raise their offspring. I am of the opinion that the parental involvement in children's life and education is immensely important. With such appropriate knowledge gained from parental courses, they would feel more confident and easier in roaring their young generation. The following essay will further explore the reasons that have shaped my viewpoint. One of the reasons approved is that taking a parental course bring a great deal of benefits beyond parents' expectation. People preparing for mums and dads can obtain many reliable information about children at different developmental stages, nutrients and vaccinations. As well as, well-qualified coaches provide them in-depth knowledge about basic medical training. In other words, parents will be equipped with how to deal with specific and essential emergency situations. So if their future babies had either a high fever or breathing issue, they would know how to give first aid properly. Finally, people who are going to have an infant will learn an enormous number of experience from other parents. Not only they can share useful tips each other, but they can build a network which is all people having the same parental concerns. Another noteworthy cause makes parenting classes more critical ever that is parents' wrong conceptions. If parents just learn parenting tricks and hacks from their previous generation, they will probably make huge mistakes. Some errors can fix by experiencing it, but some even must pay a horrible price. To illustrate this, in Viet Nam, it was reported that hundreds of babies had to be hospitalized in Japanese encephalitis B epidemic. Additionally, with only word of mouth, parents generally misunderstand and pick wrongly out healthy diets and social life for children in a couple of first years. To sum up, it can be oviously seen that parents ought to enroll parental classes to take good care of their offspring. Taking part in basic training courses before parenthood can do wonders for parents and prevent them from unforseen cases. If all parents can attend parenting classes, their knowledge will not only help themselves but also be distributed to other families and friends later on.
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