Most countries allow 18 years olds to star driving a car. Some say it is good to allow it at this age, while others think that the age to start driving should be at least 25. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Most nations enable youngsters to start driving a car. Some agree this action at age 18. Others, however, supposed that starting driving at least 25 is just acceptable. In my opinion, I agree with those who consider 18 year olds had better wait until age 18 to travel by car. The essay will discuss both views and my perspective for this. In terms of the minimum driving age permitted, there are many appropriate reasons that support the age 18. First, 18-year-old people, who are acknowledged as being biologically mature, need to lead an independent life and join in a wide range of legal rights of proper grown-ups like casting a vote, getting married, etc. and obtaning a driving liscense also is no exception. Second, it is the best time for aldonescence to learn a life-saving skill since they have more spare time than fully mature people, and they yet spend time attending in universities. Third, younger people's brains have optimal ablility of gaining new knowledge and proficiency in driving more quickly, which is one of the most vital soft skills. Last but not least, most countries in European and Asian areas also make the age 18 as a landmark to allow commuting by own vehicles, which accidentally make citizens the same prejudice in relation to the approved driving age. On the flip side, some opinions of the driving age which should limit at least 25 still exist. The first convincing argument is that adults who were fully mature can calmly deal with many emergency situations such as flat tyre, died engine on roads; meanwhile juveniles will tend to be panic if this is a case. It is also defended that teenagers passionate about the speed and they try to act cool as if they were men or women, and they have less experience than adults, so they are more likely to take risks on driving. Statistics were shown that 50% of people between 18 and 20 made accidents on public streets. 18 year olds, furthermore, who are still attending in universities, should make use of time to concentrate on studying rather than doing other things. Personally I definitely approve arguments previously mentioned that governments should enforce a new law for the driving age at 25. In collusion, there are many different aspects of the permissible driving age. It is irrifutable that people in most nations worldwide usually choose the age 18 to allow typical driving; otherwise, some considered that using own motors should be moderated and appoved at least 25. From individual side, I rethink that the age 25 is the most suitable stage for driving because of being proper grown-ups. If most residents can universally admit driving at 25, catastrophic accidents made by youngsters will be less likely to happen.
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