Studies suggest that children spend more time watching TV than they did in the past and spend less on doing active or creative things. Why do you think it is the case? What methods can be used to tackle it?

Nowadays, children have a tendency to spend more time watching TV as a leisure activity in lieu of doing active or creative things. There are some causes of this issue, and several solutions can be taken to mitigate this potential problem. As many immature people in the modern life are lack of looking after from their parents as well as their teachers, several related causes deserve consideration. The main cause is that the adults are usually occupied with their jobs, and therefore do not spend much time playing with children, which will lead kids to be addicted to hang up for the smartphone. In addition, the growth of the economy has been linked to approaching to modern technology. In this way, youngsters might easily become more sedentary and get obesity due to not engaging in other indoor and outdoor activities. There are several actions that could be taken to solve the problem described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be families should give top priority to take care of children in an attempt to prevent them from get hung up on watching TV. A second measure would be for school to organise more daily physical activities such as sport club or music club and honor the greatest achievement of outdoor games, which will enhance communication or soft skills . Finally, parents should encourage immature people’s good relationship and control spending more time watching TV, which will ensure a healthy and dynamic environment for children. In conclusion, various measures can be taken to combat this issue that is certain to arise as the child tend to spend more time watching TV instead of joining in doing active or creative things.
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