Some people believe that the government should support the funds for the arts, while some other people suggest that the money should be used for public health and education. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Abide that many people think artistic activities are an indispensable part of their lives, some other people take into account the investment on arts is a waste of the government’s money because arts are less vital than other public services, such as healthcare and education systems. From my perspective, I believe that both arts and other public services are of great importance and cannot be underestimated. Those who suggest that the government’s funds should be allocated to arts activities may give their reasons as follows. Firstly, arts provide people with various means of entertainment and relieve their stress. To illustrate, people who have a fancy for artistic works will get immersed in creative endeavors, which help them to be amused and put aside their burdens temporarily. Furthermore, some artistic works which are created by ancient or eminent artists are invaluable assets of a country. Hence, the government has the obligation to preserve them. On the other hand, some people hold different viewpoints and argue that the government should focus their funds on public health and schooling, which seems to be able to bring more benefits to people’s welfare. For instance, if the government spends more money on the erection of school buildings and libraries, people will gain more access to proper education. Moreover, healthcare conditions are not satisfying in some countries. The shortage of medical resources makes it hard for people to receive treatment when they fall ill. No wonder some people believe it is an urgent need for the government to raise investment in the healthcare system. In conclusion, the improvement of public services and the construction of basic facilities are undoubtedly urgent issues that call for the government’s priorities. Nevertheless, the role of arts should not be neglected or denied, as arts are essential to the sound development of the society in the long term.
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