"Some people say that tourism has many negative effects on the countries that people travel to. How true is this statement? What can tourists do to reduce the harmful effects of tourism on local cultures and environments"

After having a hectic schedule, people tend to get away from it all in the summer by going on a holiday.
, the number of tourists
often grow
often grows
rapidly which
Accept comma addition
rapidly, which
has two-sided influences. Government and residents are the one to realize the impact of mass
on different nations where visitors have been through. It is true that tourists may affect negatively in some
cases but
Accept comma addition
cases, but
they still have definite advantages. Thanks to the growth of foreign visitors, the level of unemployment goes down, more and more people are now occupied by being a tour guide or an office worker in a
service office.
, it is the base for indigenous residents to exchange the culture from each other which is immensely crucial to the tendency of globalization nowadays.
For instance
, people likely to learn more languages because they believe that languages will cross the border and get others closer by making events related to those cultures. Both benefits mentioned above
are all help promote
promote all help
are all help promoting
are all help promoted
have all help promoted
are all help promote
the development of the national economy due to the tourist attractions mushroom and the similarity, ease when
something originated in their countries.
, mass
can take its toll on the local sites and
the environment
. In order to attract more tourists, pristine areas are now filled with luxury hotels, resorts and
service places due to the need for more accommodation.
In addition
, not only the environment is adversely
affected but
Accept comma addition
affected, but
local sites either. Overseas
a person who changes location
may vandalize the heritage by littering,
a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls
and so one which cause the historic buildings severely run-down.
As a result
, we need to take some methods to halt the level of tourist effects on countries.
, we should put warning signs in front of local sites for bar tourists from touching, coming close or doing harm to statues, historic sites and so on.
, raising
entrance fee
entrance fees
the entrance fee
for some tourist attractions
as Son Doong Cave, which is now in process of
run down
, to limit the number of visitors. The
one, we should bring in new
laws to restrict the entrance (visa, ID card, papers, etc.)
consider rough punishment for those who break the laws. In conclusion, it is important for tourists to handle the negative effects that each of them make. And the way to reduce that problem is tourists have to show good attitude wherever they are.
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