People are living in a ‘throwaway society’, using things for a short time and then throwing them away. What are the causes of this? What problems does it lead to?

there is a widely held view that people tend to buy new things frequently . However, it will be thrown away if it have no valuable using after expeding for a short time . Clearly, a number of reasons have been put forward for this tendency . This essay , therefore , will outline some potential causes as well as evualating ít effects To begin with , there are many plausible factors leading to this situation. Firstly, some enterprises promote their projects with more various function than the previous one,urging peole to buy manufacturers 'products such as smartphone. Secondly, the busy lifestyle of citzen is also the fundamental reason causing to a throwaway society . This could be because of that workers have to prepare their work at home, and cleaning their house , so they do not have adequate time to repair the spoiled things. Additionally, the impact of this emergent trend should not be overlooked . If the habit of discharging the spoiled thing continually happened , environmental region would be more exacerbating more than it used to be, hence it could have many devastating effects on their environment where they are inhabbiting . Moreover, not only do the habit of throwing own things away impact on the natural world , but it also influence on adolescent's sense when they see their parent usually do that. Owing to the lack of parents' education , youngster cannot discriminate between the good routine and the bad one. As a result, parents' strict principle steer children away from a throwaway society . To recapitualte , the advertisement of modern goods and the busy lifestyle of each people are the two main reason contribute to the throwaway society . Besides, this trend also brings several negative influences , posing a threat.
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