Would you like to live a long, calm life until 100 years old or would you prefer a shorter life but much more intense. Decide and explain your reasons.

There are many arguments about people's lifestyle. While many people believe that having a peaceful life and longevity may be a good choice, I would argue that quality of life counts. There are several reasons why life span and tranquility in life is preferable to many people. The primary reason is humans' curiosity about the future. People always want to know what will happen in the next 20 or 30 years. If people have children, they will want to live longer to see the personal development of your own kids. Additionally, human's ability is different from one another, so not all people can tolerate the difficulty of life. It is justifiable to make sense of why many people want to live in this way However, I would argue that living a short but glorious life is much more meaningful. All humans just live once, so it is worth risking all they have. Individuals cannot gain any significant accomplishments in life if they do not experience harsh time or dangerous situations. Take myself for example; when I was broke, I learnt many more useful lessons than I had had before. Moreover, length of life does not matter if that life is useless. For example, John Lennon died at the age of 40, but his life was full of glory. His life is certainly much more significant than that life of people who live until 100 but have no spotlights. In conclusion, although a long, tranquil life is a dream of many people, I prefer a shorter but more intense life.
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