As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?

Many people claim that besides making money, the enterprises also have social responsibility. While I accept that the priority of enterprises is to making profit, I completely agree that they should contribute (do) more for society. On the one hand, the companies maximize their profits, which brings some benefits to the society. Firstly, if the companies make more money, they will pay more tax for the government. As a result, the government could allocate this budget for the key fields such as healthcare or education. Secondly, the companies can earn more profits thanks to expanding their businesses which create more job opportunities for citizens. For example, the multinational corporations like Apple or Microsoft, they create thousands of career opportunities for millions of unemployed workers annually in developing countries. On the other hand, I would agure that apart form making money, companies also need to have social responsibilities. Nowadays, business activities have the negatives impact on the environment. Without control, production processes may result in serious environmental problems, such as global warming originates from factory emission or industrial waste. This issue may be resolved if the companies invest more money to develop new technology in order to recycle their wastes before discharging them into the environment. Moreover, companies should consider those who are less fortune such as homeless or disabled people. For instance, big corporations such as Unilever and Vinamilk have enhanced their public images through organizing charity programs as well as giving charitable donations. In conclusion, although companies should prioritize in making money, I believe they should also have social responsibility.
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